Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why Resume Writing

Working several years in the Human Resources field and helping to redo and rewrite many resumes, I decided one day, why not get paid to help people review their resumes or even write them for them?  My goal is to help people find jobs.  I have tried to make my rates competitive and cost effective as I know times are tough right now.

Services and Rates

When deciding that I was going to do this, I started thinking what are the biggest needs that people have when working on their resumes.  I asked friends and family and came up with the following:
  • Consultant Services ($50) - This service is where you already have a resume put together and you just need someone to look over and suggest changes and offer opinions. 
  • Resume Writing Services ($75 - $100) - This service is where I write your resume for you, you will be able to choose from 3 layouts.  Cost ranges due to how in depth your resume is and what your profession is, some professions typically are more lengthy.
  • Cover Letter Services  ($40) - If you would like, I can write a general cover letter for you.
  • Thank You Note Services ($30) - I can help you with a general "Thank You Note" or email.